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Parla con un esperto

    La perdita di uno o più elementi, può essere altamente invalidante sia per la funzione masticatoria che per l’estetica del viso: per questo ripristinare i denti mancanti è molto importante.
    Esistono differenti tipologie di protesi: fissa e mobile (parziale e totale).
    Della protesi fissa fanno parte le corone in ceramica integrale completamente prive di metalli, anallergiche e dall’elevato potere estetico che hanno la funzione sia di ricoprire elementi dentali gravemente compromessi che di ristabilire la masticazione laddove siano stati posizionati impianti dentali.
    La protesi mobile invece è cosi chiamata perché è facilmente rimovibile dal paziente e viene impiegata per ripristinare gli elementi mancanti in caso di edentulia parziale o totale nei casi in cui non sia possibile eseguire una riabilitazione fissa.
    Da Smile Up, dopo un’attenta visita e un’accurata diagnosi, troverete la soluzione che state cercando e potrete tornare a sorridere senza timori.

    Why Dental Fillings Are Important

    Patients often experience tooth decay because of inappropriate nutritional habits, poor oral care at home or genetics leading to many cavities. Before creating a treatment plan, the dental professional will extensively review the patient’s medical history and their daily routine in efforts to detect any underlying issues such as medical ailments that may be the reason for exaggerated decay formation. According to collected information, a proper course of treatment is chosen including suitable dental materials most beneficial to the individual needs of each patient.

    The Procedure of Tooth Filling

    Although each procedure varies subtly, there are some basic guidelines to treat cavities, and they are followed by all dental professionals.

    • The patient is anesthetized using local anesthesia such as Carbocaine for short procedures, Lidocaine for medium length sessions, and Marcaine for multiple fillings. Patients with feelings of anxiety may be offered Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) for the duration of the treatment. Only in extreme cases, the patient is given IV sedation or general anesthesia and may be referred to a more suitable dental setting such as a hospital.
    • The area to be treated is secured by latex sheet that protects the tooth and keeps it dry during the procedure. It also prevents the debris from entering the oral region keeping the patient comfortable. For multiple fillings, when the treatment may require extended period of time, a bite block is used to help the patient keep their mouth open in a relaxed position without any strain on the jaw muscles.
    • In case of composite fillings, the shade is chosen to closely mimic the appearance of the surrounding dentition.
    • The decay is removed using a high-speed handpiece, slow-speed handpiece, laser or the combination of all three devices. The prepared surface may be etched with an appropriate solution to remove any remaining bacteria and create a porous layer for adhesive purposes. Amalgam or resin material is placed in small increments using hand instruments. The biting surface is then checked and adjusted as necessary.

    Filling placement is necessary to treat cavities and prolong the longevity of the natural teeth. With today’s technology continuously improving, new methods are developed to benefit the patients and ensure their positive oral health for a lifetime.

    If the cavity isn’t repaired, this cavity will continue to expand—eventually entering into your nerve canal. This can be excruciatingly painful. However, it can also lead to dire problems such as abscess or infection. Replacing old fillings or fixing chipped teeth can also be required. The most important reason to fix your cavity early on is to avoid a painful and costly root canal.

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